MR-9 PX625 Film Camera Battery Adapter for Vintage Film Cameras (Rollei 35, OM-1, Cononet QL17III, etc.)

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The PX625 is a small button-shaped 1.35volt mercury battery which a great number of camera models were designed to use. 

Since PX625 batteries are banned for environmental protection, they are no longer available.

To address this problem, we've created a battery adapter that allows the use of a 675 zinc-air cell (1.4v) or LR44 (1.5v) in vintage cameras compatible with PX625.

The 675 Zinc-air cell is more optimal than LR44, since the former one has voltage closer to that of PX625. 

Please note that no batteries will be included in this listing. You have to buy it in addition.