Cyberpunk Handheld Incident Light Meter (Exposure Meter)

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What is Incident Metering?

“Because incident metering reads the intensity of light falling on the subject, it provides readings that will create accurate and consistent rendition of the subject’s tonality, color, and contrasts regardless of reflectance, background color, brightness, or subject textures. Subjects that appear lighter than middle gray to your eye will appear lighter in the finished image. Subjects that are darker than middle gray will appear darker. Colors will be rendered accurately and highlight and shadow areas will fall naturally into place.” -----


1. OLED Anti-reflective diplay

2. Case Material: acrylic

3. Dimension: 4.5cm x 5cm x1cm

4. Built-in 3.7v 400mA lithium battery (battery life is about 5 days for regular use)

5. The core chip: TMEGA328P, metering chip: BH1750

6. Charging chip: TP4056/4067, charging electric current is fixed (250mA)(7K resistance)

7. Coding reference:

The last 4 pictures are samples taken with the exposure measured by this light meter.



  • Metering Modes
    • One time metering (default) – press the metering button
    • Non-stop metering – In flash mode (a flash sign on the screen), press the metering button, the metering will last for 5 seconds ( “metering” sign on the screen) and the maximum exposure value will be captured. You may test your flash to the meter during the 5 seconds
    • How to switch metering modes? – press the dial and the metering button at the same time until the meter restarts
  • Aperture/Shutter Speed Priority Setting— Long press the metering button until you see the icon or  on the screen
  • Aperture/shutter speed value setting— rotate the dial (aperture ranges from f1 to f2048, while shutter speed 1/10000s to 2.2hrs)
  • ISO Setting – Pressing the dial and rotate (ISO ranges from 0.375 to 1million)
  • Charging – Turn off the meter first and charge it with a USB-C cable
  • Sleep Mode – screen will be off automatically if you leave it for 10 seconds